Doug G.

Being here adds meaning to family.

"Each word in the name of our church shows what we are all about. Grace and Fellowship stand out the most to me, because it's by His Grace I can experience Fellowship that is authentic and safe. In that peace, I am more open to learning and understanding Pastor Phil's anointed teaching."
Andy V.

The GCFC family is just that -- A FAMILY.

"There is a sense of being known, loved, and accepted when I'm in the church building , or spending time with my brothers and sisters in Christ. There's no need for pretenses in a family, and that's what I want in a church. At GCFC I feel the freedom to be myself and delve deeper into the Kingdom of God."
Holland H.

The youth ministry
is amazing...

"It's a great way to get involved with fellow Christians my age. It is also an inspiring time to worship God and learn more about my Savior, while having some fun too! It really feels like a family."
Cathy R.

I like that the pastors know your name!

"I like that the pastors know your name and pray for you!"