Who are volunteers?
GCFC volunteers are members of the church who work together to serve others in the community and advance the Kingdom for Jesus.

How do I volunteer at Grace?
Become a member of the church, check out the volunteer teams below, and complete a volunteer application so we can know a little bit more about you.

What opportunities are available?
Grace has five distinct areas of ministry that are made up of multiple volunteer teams who serve on Sundays and during the week. Sign up for one of the teams below and someone will contact you about your next step.

Guest Services
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Guest Services teams love creating welcoming environments for every guest and member at Grace. From a friendly smile when guests first walk in, to helping them find the classes their children attend, to finding a seat in the Sanctuary, our Guest Services teams do everything they can to make a visit with us as enjoyable as possible.

Creative & Technical Arts

Production Team

Running computers, mixing sound, or assisting the worship teams. The production team ensures that Sundays run efficiently and smoothly. Age requirement: 18 years old.
Computer Tech Team
Assist our staff with computer, software, or server-related tasks as needed. Time comittment: varies depending on need. Age requirement: 16 years old.
Communications Team
Help communicate Sunday services, ministry, next steps, and special events through visual arts and writing. Made up of people with varying talents and skills, including graphic design, copy writing/proofing/editing, illustration, web development and page layout. Time commitment: varies. Age requirement: 16 years old.
Data Entry Team
Support every ministry area through maintaining accurate information in our database. Time commitment: varies depending on upcoming projects. Age requirement: 16 years old.

From operating slides and sound to trouble-shooting computer issues, the Creative and Technical Arts teams use their skills in media production and technology to keep Grace on the cutting edge.

Care & Support

Sunday Prayer Teams
Pray with those who come forward in Sunday services seeking prayer support. Time commitment: one Sunday service a month, up to 30 minutes after that service. Age requirement: 18 years old.
Prayer Chain
Pray throughout the week for prayer requests submitted by the Pastoral staff or Prayer Chain leaders. Requests come in by phone or email. Time commitment: varies. Age requirement: 18 years old.
Hospitality Teams
Reach out to others in a practical way – take meals to families who have lost loved ones, who have members experiencing illness, or are facing a variety of other circumstances. Time Commitment: Varies, need to be flexible enough to be “on call most times”. Age requirement: 18 years old.
Expectant Mothers Support
Provide much needed care and support during a joyous, but stressful time for mothers. Deliver one meal per week in the weeks leading to delivery. Provide house-cleaning during their time in the hospital. Time commitment: Varies. Age requirement: 18 years old.

Care & Support teams serve people in need of love and support through everything from prayer and encouragement to meals and assistance during a time of crisis.

Children’s Ministry

Preschool Teachers
Anyone who has a gift of teaching preschool-age children is qualified for this position.  Curriculum is planned and ready.
Time comittment: 2 hours during either Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. Age requirement: 18 years old.
Preschool Helpers
This volunteer position is for anyone interested in assisting the preschool teachers during class.
Time comittment: 2 hours during either Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. Age requirement: 18 years old.
Nursery Volunteers
Nursery volunteers care for our youngest ones at Grace. You do not have to be a parent.  If you love playing with toddlers and babies, you would love this position! There is always a need for volunteers.  Age requirement:  16 years old.

Children’s Ministry teams exist to unveil God’s love to the children and families of Grace Christian Fellowship Church. Volunteers serve on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Opportunities range from newborn through 6th grade.

Student Ministry

Adult Leaders
Adult volunteer responsibilities include serving the ministry by building godly relationships with students, facilitating an enviornment for students to build God honoring relationships with each other, participating and supervising in services and activities, discipleship, and guiding students in the growing process of their relationship with Jesus Christ. Age requirement: Out of high school.
Student Leaders
Student volunteer responsibilities can include serving the ministry in our Ministry Teams such as our Announcements Team, Media Team, Service Team, Prayer Team, Visitor/Follow-up Team, and Worship Team. Age requirement: 14 years old.