GCFC exists to encourage and equip Christians of all ages to become life-giving instruments of change for God.

GCFC encourages both large and small groups to help people discover their God-given passions which will help them fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

We recognize the Body of Christ as all persons who have repented of their sins and, by faith, received Jesus Christ as Lord.

We consider all who hold to essential doctrines (see the “Statement of Faith” section) to be brothers and sisters in the Lord.
We recognize that true Christian faith can embrace some different understandings in non-essential doctrines.

Ministry Goals
To teach and display the love of God to each other and the world. To be light and salt (Matthew 5:13-16) in the society around us.

  1. We are committed to upholding Biblical values and historic Christian faith in our community.
  2. We are committed to upholding high standards of morality, honesty, and integrity in both public and private arenas.
  3. We are committed to supporting others who share our convictions in business, politics, and education.

To boldly and creatively proclaim God’s love, God’s Son and God’s plan.

To stay true to the MESSAGE of Jesus Christ while developing the MESSENGER and adapting the METHOD to the target audience.

To encourage the development of the individual’s gifts for the benefit of the entire Body of Christ.

To equip the saints of God to live purposefully, successfully and righteously and to reach out and positively affect the life of one other.